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Not Your Cruise Director

I think the thing that drives me the most crazy about the “roles” I play in motherhood is when my children expect me to constantly entertain them. After we’ve been out & about and are heading back home, I inevitably get the question, “What are going to do when we get home?” And I’m thinking, “What do you mean ‘what are we going to do when we get home?’ We’re going to be home! We’re going to do things that we do at home!” Or, after I’ve spent time, energy and usually a wad of cash on entertaining them I get this, “So, what are we doing next?” And I’m thinking, “What do mean ‘what are we doing next?’ That wasn’t enough? You need more? I just provided you with a fabulous, entertaining experience!”

I’m pretty sure I’ve even muttered the words (not that they even understand the implication), “I’m your mother, not your cruise director!” And it’s true. I’m the mother. I do a lot of things for my kids each and every day, I even entertain them at times but I can’t and won’t do it all the time. They need to learn to fend for themselves on all kinds of life skills from feeding to toileting to occupying their own time.

When left to their own devices, they have proved wonderfully imaginative and accomplished at entertaining themselves. Sometimes they begrudgingly head outside to play and when I check on them they’re always doing something. They’re not just sitting on the driveway or in the yard poking at ants. They’re swinging and climbing and playing and building and digging. All the things kids should be doing!

I do like being with them and having fun with them but I’m also working on raising them to be independent, free thinking adults and that means sometimes I schedule their playtime but it’s also going to be up to them to direct their own cruise!


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