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Happy Fall, Y’all!

Autumn is here. We had a beautiful Spring. Summer was a blast and much fun was had. But all year my heart longs for Autumn. It’s in full force now. Leaves are changing and the weather has cooled down. I even wore long sleeves a couple times this past week!

I’ve pulled out all the fall and Halloween decorations. My new favorite decoration this year is this:

The vase is sitting in a vacant spot where paper towels used to reside. I put some silk leaves in it and every time I see it it makes me smile. Don’t know why, it just does.

I bought this witch at Cracker Barrel 4 years ago right before the GMan was born. (She has fiber optic lights and sweeps her broom.)

As he was helping me pull out the seasonal decorations, he asked me about the “nice witch” as he calls her. He had remembered her from last year! Apparently though, the dog did not because she growled then barked at the witch! Either that, or she didn’t approve of my decorating style.

I also really like the set-up on my buffet.

It’s also currently housing a craft project that I’ll completely reveal once it’s finished! (It’s a project I’ve been “meaning to” complete for two years now!)

My other favorite is the wreath on the front door.

This isn’t a very good picture though. But with the nice weather we’ve been having, the windows and front door have been open most of the week, so I’ve been able to enjoy the sight of this pretty, autumnal wreath on my door!

And the food! We’ve already made chili and pumpkin bread and soups. I made a spiced fruit tea last week, as well. So yummy! My signature fall dish is a caramel apple pie. I haven’t figured out yet when I’ll debut it for this season.

What are some special things about Autumn that you enjoy?


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