Shane Scott for President

If you have decided that you won’t vote for President this year because all of the candidates are horribly bad, then I ask you to consider write-in candidate Shane Scott.  He is 100% American for 98% of America.  See what I mean here:

Find more Shane Scott for President videos on youtube under the username “shaneforamerica”.



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5 responses to “Shane Scott for President

  1. I love this one! Write in!

  2. kraftyone

    Better yet, you could make your vote mean something…. I like what this website has to say about it. Its a great idea of how to get a third (or fourth) party without impacting this election at all:
    Definitly worth a minute to check out.

  3. Always has to be some anonymous person that wants to make something serious out of levity.

    If you read this blog at all, you would know that I already voted for Bob Barr. I have friends that have said they don’t want to vote for anyone even after I try to convince them to vote third party. I say, why not write-in Shane Scott instead of do nothing? 100% American for 98% of America.

  4. hey! i love your blog! just found it today!
    my mom and i started one last week together about things you deal with as a wife.
    some from my perspective as a 21 year old newly wed of two years, and some from her perspective as a 54 year old married for 25 years…
    its been fun! check us out if you want!

  5. Steve Phillips

    The Heritage Foundation and the Rand Corporation both concluded that a vote for Shane Scott will abolish our national debt when he sells Alaska, illegal immigration will stop in it’s track when he enacts the “Border Bump” plan and excessive spending by Congress will stop immediately when he creates an executive order that relocates all of Congress to live in China, India or Mexico.

    Jump on the Shane-Train for 2016, but become a Shaneamaniac today!

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