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A Little Bah Humbug

blissfulchicks_cropA year ago yesterday I wrote this post about feeling Christmas-y in November. And I was serious about being a Christmas “purist” in that I don’t, normally, want to acknowledge anything Christmas until after Thanksgiving. But here we are again, one year later, and what is going on? Christmas prep.

I’m having to think of Christmas much earlier than I care to for a number of reasons. On DB’s side of the family, we draw names for gift giving. Three of the four names that we drew this year are members of the part of the family that live in Illinois. They will be joining us for Thanksgiving this year, not Christmas, so we are going to be ready to present them with their gifts when they’re here in a couple of weeks.

My mother has been bugging me requesting ideas for gift shopping from me for weeks now. (Hi, Mom!) She’s one of those people who shops early and is all prepared and stuff. I’ve been uncooperative and now she tells me she’s found something for me even though I didn’t give her any ideas. Hmmm…I’m little scared now. (Kidding!)

I got an idea for our Christmas cards this year from something I saw at church a few weeks ago. Shocking, I know! Especially since traditionally, my fellowship of faith does not like to associate Christmas with, well Christ. Go figure. The congregation we attend is little more “progressive” though. But I digress…ever since then I’ve been a wee bit obsessed with how to pull off the idea. But if I am going to pull it off, I can’t procrastinate (who me?) and wait until the week before Christmas to get it done. So, once more, Christmas stuff on my mind.

But the icing on the Christmas cookie would have to be that yesterday, in my house, someone was playing Christmas music. Christmas music. Before Thanksgiving. That, my friends, is a big No-No! Of course, the excuse was that it’s practice for someone’s upcoming Christmas concert. But still it was playing and yes, I’ll admit it. I even liked it. Just a little. For now.

Just don’t expect me to sing along. Hum…maybe.


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