Half and Whole

blissfulchicks_cropToday is JBelle’s “half” birthday. When I was a kid we celebrated the halfway mark by going out to dinner. I think this was my mom’s idea. Mine and Emily’s birthday are both in January, so it was a nice way to break up the year and give us something to look forward to.

I liked that, so in a way I’ve tried to carry on some of the tradition with our kids. Somewhere along the way I had bought mini powdered donuts for JBelle on her half birthday and now that’s what she asks for. It’s her personalized way of acknowledging the half way point of the year. We also sing half of the “Birthday Song” because we’re goofy like that.

Today I’m also reminiscing about last year’s Thanksgiving because today I have exactly two dishes to make for tomorrow’s feast whereas last year, I made them all. Yes, last year I cooked the whole meal pretty much by myself. And I actually, well, liked it! It was a lot of work even though the meal was only for eight people and was small on the Thanksgiving Feast scale. Still, I planned it, I prepared it and I cooked it.

It didn’t really hit me until we sat down to eat. The prayer had been said and the dishes were being passed around and all of sudden this realization swept over me, “I made everything on this table!” It was an adult-zen/”I have a finally arrived” kind of moment. It was also followed by a feeling of utter exhaustion! I barely made it through the meal before I had to go and take a nap!

Do you celebrate “half” birthdays? Have you ever cooked the whole Thanksgiving meal?


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4 responses to “Half and Whole

  1. We don’t celebrate 1/2 birthdays but it is a fun idea…might have to think about that.

    And I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner. The only exception was the year we rented a cabin in WV with the family…having to trek my whole kitchen to the woods kind of sucked. But otherwise, I love to cook it except the pies. I’m not a baker. I actually get a little pushy about making the stuffing no matter where I spend Thanksgiving. I only get stuffing once a year and I want it to be my stuffing because I love it so much – I don’t trust anyone else to make good stuffing.

  2. diana

    That was an excellent Thanksgiving Feast we enjoyed last year. I will join you in your reminiscing ….. and try not to be sad.

  3. We don’t celebrate 1/2 birthdays… but we totally should. 🙂

    I have made several Thanksgiving feasts all on my own… and yeah, I love it! It’s HARD work, but the reward is so great. I will probably do it again next year (we are just taking it easy and no big feast this year – just us).

  4. Laura

    I love the half birthday idea. I am always looking for great new traditions to start.

    Your post made me think of Alice In Wonderland where they celebrated your unbirthday. That lets you have 364 of them.


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