Little Miss Smartypants

blissfulchicks_crop_christmasI realized the other day that there seemed to be a lack of Christmas anticipation coming from my children.

I remember, as a kid, being so excited about Christmas. I could hardly stand it! It occurred to me that one reason the anticipation was so palatable was because of the presents under the tree. What was lurking inside those wrapped boxes? How many were for me? Did the presents from Uncle Bud and Aunt Madeline come yet? The days seemed to crawl by until we could finally dig into the pile and satisfy our curiosity.

My  kids have certainly been excited but there was something missing – no presents under the tree. Now the reason for that is too long and boring to expound upon here. Suffice it to say, I decided to wrap some presents to put under our tree. Some stuff for family members and a couple presents for the kids.

Each year, the children get to open a present on Christmas Eve and that present is new pajamas for them to wear that night. That’s what I decided to wrap up. I did it one night after they were bed and the next morning, GMan was the first to notice the packages under the tree. He was so excited! Exactly the reaction I was hoping for! He got down on the floor and looked and looked and kept asking about them.

Then JBelle came into the room. He excitedly pointed them out to her, waiting for her reaction. She took one look and then turned to me and glibly said, “Are those our Christmas Eve gifts?”

So much for creating anticipation!


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3 responses to “Little Miss Smartypants

  1. I do the pajamas on Christmas Eve too. But my kids are wise to it, and I’m wondering if I should ditch it. Too funny about your little miss spartypants!

  2. Diana

    The anticipation will certainly rise when upon arrival in Tampa ….

  3. Our tree is already stuffed to the gills – my hubby and I are as excited as the kids and I often find myself “peeking” into poorly wrapped corners to see if I can tell what’s in there when no one’s watching. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas – and thanks for the comment on my blog – much appreciated as I sometimes feel very lonely there!

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