picture-033_cropOn January 1 of this {still current} year, I made a list of goals (not resolutions) for 2008. I just looked back over them and, well, ::sigh:: I’m rather disappointed in myself. They weren’t even lofty ideals, just a few things that would improve my overall well being. But in an effort to be positive, I’ll see if I can salvage anything from them.

I was going to get in a more consistent habit of going to the gym. I actually did pretty good on that one up until October, I think. And then one day, I didn’t go. And then the next day, I didn’t go. And before I knew it, the rest of the year had passed and I had not gone back.

I was going to learn a new skill. I kinda, sorta in a round about way did this. Becoming the Editor for Wedded Bliss on Blissfully Domestic has taught me a few things and stretched my writing skills. I’m very grateful to have that position and I am excited about what 2009 will bring in regards to that venture.

I was going to be a better parent. Yell less and stuff. Um…my number one read for 2009 is going to be a book called “Scream Free Parenting“, that might gave you a clue as to how that “goal” turned out! But again, all was not lost. I attended a parenting class at church this fall taught by a women that I very much admire and I can say that I’ve put into practice some of the strategies and suggestions that she gave the class.

I was going to get outside more. This one I really didn’t do so well with. I keep trying to force myself to be the outdoorsy type. The thing is, I do like being outside but only under certain conditions! I’m not very “hearty”. I don’t want to be too cold or too hot or too buggy or too muggy. And usually, I just want to sit and enjoy the outdoors. I like to read outside, I like going to outdoor venues to listen to music, even watch the occasional sporting event. Just don’t make me move around too much! Meh. I’m an outdoor curmudgeon!

I left one goal unstated because it was rather personal and private. The goal is one that I actually have for myself each year and someday I really do hope to achieve it. I want to read the entire Bible. I confess, I didn’t even make it through January last year. I will be trying again this year!

Not sure if I’ll lay this all out again for 2009. It’s a bit humbling to come back and look at the good, the bad and the ugly. What about you? Did you meet your resolutions goals? Any new ones for the 2009?


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3 responses to “Reflections

  1. Tracy

    Happy New Year!

    I too, wanted to read the bible all the way through. A few years ago I was given the One Year Chronological Bible written by F. Lagard Smith. I didn’t read it every day, but I did keep up with it and read it the whole way through in the year. It was really cool reading the entire bible in chronological order because it was more of a flowing story instead of reading it from Genesis 1:1 and then have it skip parts of the story and then pick back up several books later. He also writes small little summaries before each day’s reading to “set the stage” for what you are about to read and also gives a little bit of historical background so it makes better sense. I highly recommend a chronological one, even if it’s not the exact one I used. 🙂

  2. Diana

    the chronological bible which Tracy refers to is the one we gave you a few years ago. It’s our personal favorite….
    Hope we get to talk sometime today.
    love you!

  3. just remember on the bible thing… if it starts to go awry early again, you don’t have to wait until next year to start again 🙂

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