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Some of my favorite posts

glamour MaliaI knew I wasn’t quite done reflecting on last year. I know, I know. I need to just move on. 2008 is in the past, get over it already! Just indulge me for a bit, mkay?

I have a terrible memory, I can’t remember what I wore yesterday much less what I wrote a year ago, so it’s nice to go back and look and remember.

  • In February, I wrote In Love.  It still applies!
  • In May, I wrote Edgy. I still feel that way most of the time.
  • In July I dreamed about The No Questions Zone. I still don’t have one! Lowes & Home Depot have been no help at all!
  • A post in August about bed making was an unexpected hit! I really enjoy posts like that like that bring people out of the woodwork and spark lots of different responses!
  • And in December, I wrote Wading in the shallows, which is by far my most favorite post of the whole year. That’s the kind of writing I really like to do. Too bad it takes so much out of me to produce them.

Thank you for indulging me in this little walk down memory lane! I hope you enjoyed it, too.

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