Mr. Encouragement

glamour MaliaLately it seems that there are more things that are frustrating about GMan than ever before. I was hoping that with his 4th birthday, the treacherous threes would abate and we’d have an easier time with managing his behavior.

Didn’t happen.

But underneath the tantrums and stubbornness and strong-will is a very sweet, little boy who is always encouraging us in everything we do.

I make dinner, he says “Good job making dinner, Mommy!”

DB mends a broken toy, he says “Good job fixing that toy, Daddy!”

JBelle emits a rather impressive burp, he says “Great burping, JBelle!”

He also, no less than a dozen times a day, will come to me, give me a hug then look up to me with the sweetest little con artist face and say, “I love you, Mommy!” Of course, my heart melts and if he’s been particularly naughty right before doing this I have to make sure that I don’t relent in any forthcoming punishments.

Lately he’s been known as Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde around here. He can change demeanor and emotions on a dime, throwing a tantrum of monumental proportions only to get up, smile through tears and pick-up right where he was before the tantrum. It’s simultaneously perplexing, infuriating and amusing.

But he’s still my sweet boy!


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One response to “Mr. Encouragement

  1. Oh my word — how often am I going to say this??? GMan and Derek are sooo similar in personality!! Derek does the same thing with encouraging words — he is the first to compliment on how someone looks or plays a game or throws a ball; he’s told me before that I’m the best cook and the best dessert chef. (HA!) He also will come out of a tantrum at the drop of a hat if he realizes it will serve his purpose to get over it fast (for example if we tell him he can come out of his room when he’s calm again). Whatever mood he’s in, he’s intense in that mood — completely totally to the extreme … until he wants to change. 🙂 He’s also a little con artist who will try to manipulate others. I find it amazing how well he can read people. *SIGH*

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