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Not Ready

glamour MaliaWhen your babies are babies there are times when they seemingly change right before your eyes. I think I remember reading, when my firstborn was an infant, that babies grow at a faster rate that first year of life than at any other time. It’s simultaneously thrilling and disheartening to see them change so fast. But the growth does eventually slow down and weeks even months can go by without any discernable differences in their growth or appearance.

Enter pre-puberty.

At the beginning of the summer, I noticed some physical changes beginning in JBelle. To protect her privacy and save her from any potential embarrassment, I’m not going to describe the changes. Suffice it to say, my baby girl is growing up. And since the day that I first noticed these changes it’s as if they become more pronounced and obvious with each passing day. Just like the days of her babyhood, she’s changing right before my eyes.

And I’m not ready for it!

I thought I had more time. I didn’t expect to be dealing with these changes at this stage of her life. Thankfully, for the most part, the changes are pretty much just physical. We do deal with some attitude and surliness but for the most part, she’s still a very sweet child. She loves playing with her American Girl doll. She still likes to wear dresses. She even still digs in the dirt on occasion.

For all the child that’s in her though, the innocence of youth is hovering precariously close to ruin. I’m even less ready for that inevitability.



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