glamour MaliaI’m terrible about making compliments to others. It’s weird because I’ll see someone and notice something about them and compliment them in my head but never say anything out loud. I think I’m afraid it will sound trite and insincere. Which is also weird because I truly appreciate it when someone gives me a compliment.

And then there’s the awkwardness of having someone pay you a compliment and you graciously accept but don’t compliment back. I’m never sure what to do in that situation. Again, it seems like it’s insincere to compliment back just because you were given a compliment. And most of the time, I’m not quick enough on my feet to say something truly flattering.

Just the other day, someone complimented me, twice, very sincerely and graciously and all I could do was say thank you. I felt like I must be so self-centered to take a compliment but not give one back.

How do you handle compliments? Are you good at giving them? Do you always compliment back?



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7 responses to “Compliments

  1. yeah, I can’t handle compliments either 🙂 I just blush, or shake it off. Makes me feel awkward.

  2. Actually, I’ve felt like it’s been a big step in my compliment-accepting skills lately to be able to simply say “Thank you,” and not feel the need to explain/justify/ridicule myself -or- compliment them in return. I’ve always been pretty bad about accepting compliments and was constantly being told, “just say ‘thank you.'” So that’s what I try to do. And then I try to remember to compliment the person the next time I see them. 😉

  3. I have to agree with Lisa. I still feel weird when I’m being complimented. I think that I don’t really compliment BACK at people… but I try to give sincere compliments. It would just feel strange to always feel obligated to return a compliment I think.

  4. I don’t think you have to give a compliment in return, just accept the one you are given with sincerity. When I am on the compliment-giving end, it is pleasing enough to receive a genuine smile and thank-you in return!

  5. I agree with Meredith – she took the words right out of my mouth. I think all that is necessary is a smile and a thank you. 🙂 As for complimenting others, I don’t give ‘fake’ or ‘required’ compliments… I only compliment back or offer compliments when I actually have something to say. Sometimes Brittany gets a little embarrassed because if I am standing behind someone in the checkout line and I love their shoes or something, then I will usually tell them “hey, I LOVE your shoes!” They always seem to appreciate it though – I know I would. 🙂

    I used to be different though – only thought the compliments, didn’t know how to accept them, etc. It was all very awkward. I’ve gained a lot of confidence just in the past few years. It’s very freeing. 🙂

  6. Oh I suck at compliments on both ends. I do the same thing – think how much I like someone’s earrings/skirt/hair/ideas but don’t say it out loud (because why would they care what I think?) and I squirm and try to discount them when I receive them (drives my husband insane).

  7. Malia

    thanks for the input everyone!

    Y’all look so cute today, are those new shoes 😉

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