Note to Self

glamour MaliaUnless you can figure out how to play Wii bowling left handed, you are hearby banned from the activity until you can have shoulder replacement surgery.

Wait. Is there such a thing as shoulder replacement surgery?

Guess I’d better get crackin’ on that left handed thing…


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4 responses to “Note to Self

  1. Oh no, another Wii injury!!

  2. Malia

    Well, mainly I just keep aggravating an already injured shoulder. I think the shoulder injury goes back to my ATV accident in May because I don’t remember it hurting before then.

  3. Let me suggest you stay far, far away from Wii Boxing.

    • Malia

      LOL! I left that part out…after we had bowled 2 games, we tried boxing
      (which, btw, it was rather surreal to be boxing my own husband! And he
      knocked me out!). The shoulder was already sore from the bowling but I threw
      one particular undercut jab during boxing that sealed my fate. I was so done
      after that!

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