Choosy Mom turned Cheap Mom

glamour Malia“Choosy Moms choose Jif!” Or so the commercial always told us and I was a proud choosy Mom! Nothing but the best for me my family.

I never really thought I was a brand snob until I decided to try and be more frugal. It’s amazing how blind we can be to our own faults. I was so sure that I only bought a few “brand name” food products and that “for the most part” I picked up off brand or store brand items. Then I took a good hard look into my cabinets and realized how brand name heavy my purchases really were.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that! But like I said, I’m trying to be more frugal and reality is, brand name costs more.

My most recent grocery list included peanut butter, smooth and chunky, because that’s how we roll around here. I usually buy the large jars of it so that it lasts more than a week (seriously, the GMan practically eats his weight in peanut butter each week). I’d never paid attention to how much those jars of Jif were costing. Two jars come to $13! Thirteen dollars worth of peanut butter? The store brand cost almost $2 less. Two jars come to around $9. So I put the store brand in my cart and you know what? It’s good! I think I can used to this letting go of stuff and making some different choices.

And with the four dollar savings (four dollars!), I can still get my favorite coffee creamer. Because Coffee-mate is  your coffee’s perfect mate!

What? So, I still have a ways to go!



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5 responses to “Choosy Mom turned Cheap Mom

  1. Since becoming a stay at home mom, I work harder at being frugal. I have retained a few snobbish preferences – peanut butter being one of them. My husband refuses to eat anything but Heinz ketchup (he’s from Pittsburgh so I roll my eyes and indulge him). And I like good coffee but I only drink 2 cups a day so I rationalize it that way when I spend more than Folgers would cost. But most things I am perfectly happy with the store brand. And 75% of what we buy, I can’t tell the difference. When we occasionally buy soda, I can tell the difference between the Kroger diet caffeine free and the diet caffeine free pepsi but at 1/2 the price, the difference isn’t that big of a deal.

  2. I try to buy store brands, but sometimes perusing the labels scares me away. More corn syrup, more fillers, more chemicals. Not always, but often enough that I think twice. Peanut butter, toilet paper and yogurt are my big three brand name buys. The rest is on a case by case deal. Oh and ice cream. Breyers is totally worth the extra cash…

  3. Good for you!

    I always buy store brand peanut butter. Unless you’re comparing it to natural peanut butters, the store brand has the exact same ingredients as Jif and Peter Pan. (In fact, during the last recall it was revealed that the Walmart brand is made by Peter Pan.)

    I try to stock up for months ahead when I see small jars on sale for $1. That beats even the big jar price and makes for good emergency food.

  4. Malia

    Michelle – I can totally tasted the diff b/t soda brands, I’ll never be able to buy anything but Coke (the real thing, lol!)

    Brigid – we really like the Private Selection “brand” of ice cream at Kroger. Their plain chocolate (I think it’s just called Classic Chocolate) is SO good! At heart, I’m a Blue Bell girl but it’s soooo expensive that I’ll only ever buy it on sale and it has to be a good sale.

    Meredith – You’re my frugal guru!

  5. Teehee! I am a sworn lover of Reduced Fat Jif. Which only comes in like 2 ounce bottles as if it were high-end perfume or something. So I saw Reduced Fat Peter Pan on super duper sale at Weis last week and bought two jars. I’m trying very very very hard to like it but it tastes like peanut dirt. *sigh*

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