The Great Laptop Bag Hunt of ’09

glamour MaliaSo, I got a laptop for Christmas and almost immediately I started looking for laptop bags so that I could cart it around town (because I’m just so cosmopolitan that you’ll often find me perched in trendy coffee shops sipping a latte while I stare intently into my computer screen…or not).

It was a great quest. It needed to be terribly functional, it needed to fit my particular laptop, it needed space for other stuff and it needed to be cute. (That was actually the first priority.)

I found several cute ones and agonized (sadly, yes that’s a true statement) over which one to pick. I finally settled on this one:


I was so enamored with it on the Internet but now that it’s in my possession….it reminds me of the diaper bag I had when JBelle was a baby. (And honestly, I didn’t very much care for that bag.)

I’m trying to be enamored with it in person. I’ve shown it to people and been all, “isn’t it great?” And really, it is. It’s a well made bag. I fits all the requirements I had except possibly the cute one. It looked so cute in the picture but in my hands?

I feel I should be stuffing diapers, wipes & bottles in there.


On one hand, I feel as though I should keep the bag and get over my whiny self, on the other hand…why keep it if it’s really not what I thought it was going to be?


I wrote the above part of this post about 5 days ago and upon completing it (but not publishing it), I had made my decision. The laptop bag had to go back. Unfortunately that meant shopping for another one. Since I really wanted to have one for the conference next week, I didn’t want to chance trying to order one online again. That meant I had to go to an actual store. (shudders)

Y’all, I’m not a shopper. I’m severely decision challenged. Choices overwhelm me. Plus, I was on a budget. I wasn’t going to spend more than I paid for the first bag.

Yadda yadda yadda, long story longer…cute laptop bags in the mall aren’t cheap, even on sale. I look at largish handbags…still not seeing anything that fits my criteria. In Macys I find a Fossil purse that it just so cute! But…not big enough for the laptop. I eventually find myself in Dillards wandering through more expensive bags when I spot the same Fossil bags I’d seen at Macys. But these are marked 50% off and on the very top shelf is a bag that is big enough for my laptop! Now, it’s not technically a laptop bag, so I know I’m going to have to find something to add protection and cushion but it’s supah cute and $10 less than what I paid for the first bag. And then…when it rings up at the checkout counter? Another 30% off!! Fossil, FTW!

With the additional savings, I purchased a “laptop sleeve” at Target that will add support and cushioning (plus the color coordinates with the pattern!)

fossil purse posing as a lappy bag

supah cute "laptop" bag

laptop sleeve is aubergine

laptop sleeve is aubergine

And there you have it. The Great Laptop Bag Hunt of ’09 has come to an end. I faced my indecisiveness head-on and prevailed! I think I’m well on my way to year of thriving!


Disclaimer: I don’t expect any sympathy over this faux-tragedy. Believe me, I know that in the grand scheme of things, this is so low on the list of ills and discomforts that it’s not even laughable it’s really rather pathetic.


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12 responses to “The Great Laptop Bag Hunt of ’09

  1. Laptop bags are TOUGH!

    I just recently switched myself. I went with a custom Timbuk2 Messenger, but we have different requirements for cute.

    Actually, I like the look of the bag and all, but I would never call my bag “cute”.

    Anyways, congrats on the frugal score!

    • Malia


      I was joking with my chiropractor yesterday morning about laptop bags. I mentioned that my next stop after his office was the mall to shop for laptop bags and he said something about getting his at Staples. I shot back, “well, I want mine to be cute!” And he was like, “how do youknow mine’s not cute?”. “Because you got it at Staples!” And that devolved into a really silly convo about using a b’dazzler & puffy paint on the bag to make it cute.

      Anyway (guess you had to be there!) I am pleased with what I found and it is “important” to have one that works for you.

  2. Petra

    I love Fossil bags (and paid full price for mine at Macys… Wish we had Dillards in our mall). Love your new bag. Good call taking the old one back. 🙂

    • Malia

      Hmmm…maybe I should have run the first one past you before ordering it and saved myself tons of trouble! LOL I also got a matching cosmetic bag to go in it and was eying a matching wallet. I’d love to go back and get the wallet now that I know it’s even more discounted that I thought….but I don’t really need it and it would be mean going back to the mall. Yikes!

  3. That one looked so cute on line – can’t believe it was a dud. Glad you found one you are happy with (score!). My laptop weighs a ton. A ton. I decided to sacrifice some of the mobility for a big screen and full sized keyboard. I don’t take it anywhere often but on the rare occasion that I do (when we travel – never around town), I curse the ugly laptop bag we have. Partially because it is ugly and partially because it doesn’t have a shoulder strap and this thing is flipping heavy. I ended up doing the same – using an existing bag that is cute and buying a sleeve at Target.

    • Malia

      Hmm…sounds like my laptop! Big screen, full keyboard and HEAVY! (But I
      lurve it!) I had it with me when I was shopping so that I could make sure
      that it would fit in whatever bag I found. I was carrying it in a reusable
      shopping bag! My arm felt like falling off and if I hadn’t found what I
      found when I found it, I would have called it quits for the day b/c I was so
      tired of lugging the laptop around in that silly shopping bag.

  4. I LOVE IT!
    So much better than the first one, which totally looks like a diaper bag, and doesn’t have nearly enough personality for you.
    so there. 😉

  5. I love the final decision…good one! Yeah the first one is very nice and sturdy and “practical.” I also agonize over purchases like this and tend to ultimately go with the practical thing when in reality my heart says go for the more fun thing!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you next weekend!

  6. Oh, I love it too! It really suits you.

    I, on the other hand, will be carrying a big bag packed with diapers and NOT my laptop.

    Still haven’t figured out how to do the at-a-conference-but-have-to-go-home-at-night thing. Do you plan on staying for the PJ party and such?

  7. I agonized over my bag purchase as well. I wanted cuteness and functionality. But on a budget. I was afraid to order one online and ended up getting a red leather bag by Franklin Covey that matches my Franklin Covey planner perfectly. Got it at Target and love it. Have fun at the conference with your cute bag!

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  9. laptop bags using natural leather is my choice because natural leather is much softer and looks better `’`

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