All for Bliss

get-your-bliss-on BadgesI may have mentioned a couple of times that I was going to attend a blogging conference in Nashville (how convenient) called BlissDom ’09 that is connected with the online magazine I write and edit for, Blissfully Domestic. I did, didn’t I? So yeah, it was this past weekend and it was beyond incredible. Not exactly sure how to define beyond incredible but that’s about the best way I can describe it.

Great swag? Check.

Talented speakers*? Check.

Generous sponsors** and giveaways? Check.

Fun cocktail parties? Check.

Information overload so that you’re overwhelmed and inspired all at once? Check.

The most incredible group of bloggers and women to descend on a hotel in Nashville to meet and love on and encourage and be encouraged by and to ogle and be starstruck by and OMGIcan’tbelieveIjusttouchedhershe’sabloggingrawkstar? Check.

Yeah, it was all that and more.

I’m going to do a few shout outs, I know I won’t be able to include everyone so, no hurt feelings please?

To DB for always encouraging and supporting me in this venture. For making it so very easy for me to get away the weekend and hang with my peeps. I love you!

To my roomie, Lisa, thank you for daring to spend your weekend with me and a bunch of other crazy blogging chicks. You got to see first hand how flighty and scatterbrained I am, if you stick with me and continue writing for me, it will be a miracle!

To my Nashville peeps who were kind enough to let this wallflower invade their personal space because the idea of introducing myself to new people makes me want to hyperventilate and puke at the same time: Michelle, Amy, Meredith, Jordana and Ashley.

To my new Nashville peep, Brigid, I’m so glad you came to the conference and introduced yourself to me! I hope you had a great time and I look forward to seeing you more not only around town but on the Internets as well!

To the BD Divas that I’ve hung out with in a Skype chat room for weeks now but finally got to meet face to face: Deanna, Rachel, Jenny, Linda, Ali, Nicole, Sarah, Tara, Katie, Robin (wait, we actually met at the last BlissDom but still good to see you again!), Mandi, Marie and Melissa! Forget New York Times best selling authors and hunky male singers, you were the true stars of the weekend for me. Y’all rawk!

And, of course, the woman of the hour(s) herself, our Alli. I wouldn’t have been there if it hadn’t been for her. And I’ll leave it at that or else I’ll get all gushy and gooey and yeah…that’s not pretty.

Stayed tuned for details about BlissDom ’10 and y’all come on over ya hear?

*Especially love this one!

*I’m also especially fond of our Crocs sponsor since I’ll be getting $100 worth of Crocs shoes due to a gift certificate in our swag bag AND an extra one I won in the giveaway!!! I’m especially fond*** of these shoes (in silver) right now since my sis is getting married this summer and the color scheme is silver.

***Yes, yes, yes…I’ll quit saying “especially fond of” now!


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14 responses to “All for Bliss

  1. It was so great to meet you! I was a total registration table FAIL but you were awesome! I’m glad I got to meet you, girl!


  2. I think Blissdom seems groovy. And free Crocs. I like it.

  3. Umm, did I just get my own paragraph and a link? You are fantastic. Thanks for making me feel so welcome. Can’t wait to get the Nashville crew together for coffee, or tea, or cake. Cake. That sounds good.

  4. Also, the only dom I could do would be zombiedom. I have no skillz by commentary on the zombie apocalypse.

  5. Hey Malia! It was great to meet you….now I need to go check out those crocs you are talking about, I haven’t even looked yet!

  6. Love you…it was beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of. Can’t wait til next year…

  7. Hey! Don’t know if I met you this weekend…I need to sift through my stack of business cards that I collected like a boy collects baseball cards (or, did, when I was a kid).

    I wish I had gotten to know so many that I missed! I was continually in a sea of (my) confusion.

    ~ Lori

  8. Malia Malia Malia (I’m so glad I asked how to say your name so I didn’t look like a schmoopyhead saying it wrong!)… I loved getting to finally meet you after weeks in Skype. I did, I did, I did! You are the sweetest thang, and I am already jonesing for the next gathering.

    Love the Crocs you picked! Supah ADORABLE.

  9. And I just realized I used a nonexistent email in that field somehow. Whoops?

  10. Who loves Malia?? I DO!! Who loves Crocs?? I DO! yay! BlissDom was amazing!! SO glad i got to sit and chat underwear with you. xoxo!

  11. sparksfley

    Just wanted to pop in and say it was lovely meeting you at Blissdom!

  12. I adore you and I want to steal your hair because it is so gorgeous! You are funny and sweet and totally loveable. I adored you on skype and now I super duper love you more because now I know that you are real and awesome!

  13. Very cute shoes!! I didn’t know Croc’s had such cute things before I went to their site to pick out mine.
    Blissdom was wonderful!!

  14. oh, but now it’s back to the real world…of no blissdom…waiting for the next one….*sigh*…fun meeting you!

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