Crocs Rock

glamour MaliaForget what you think you thought about Crocs, OK? I know they’ve had a bit of bad rep, people calling them ugly and what not. And seriously, I couldn’t quite blame them even though I have a pair myself. They are comfy, though not exactly…cute. But I can get them wet and my feet don’t stink after wearing them. I like wearing them to the pool and in the yard and out and about to get errands done. They are shoes, simple enough.

But little by little Crocs has added to their shoe line with some uber fabulous styles that have people saying, “Those are Crocs?” And yes, yes they are. All the same fun, functional, comfy things about Crocs packaged in haute couture.

Crocs was one of our amazing sponsors for the BlissDom conference. Each swag bag contained a gift certificate from Crocs redeemable for one pair of shoes up to a $50 value! Seriously! Such a generous gift. Plus, I won an additional certificate at the conference during a giveaway. Two pairs of free shoes!

And choices were almost overwhelming but I did finally settle on these:


Open toe shoe weather, here I come!

and these:


Dressy AND Comfortable, can take you from the office to the cocktail party!

and I’m seriously considering splurging on these to wear with my dress for Emily’s wedding:


Aren't these fabulous?

Yes, those are all Crocs! Comfort and style, works for me!


Many thanks to the fine folks at Crocs, not only for the free shoes but for making shoes that are fun to wear!

The tree hugger philanthropist in me also really appreciates Crocs’ commitment not only to the environment (did you know can send your Crocs back to them to be recycled?) but to helping others as well. SolesUnited takes used Crocs, recycles them into more pairs of shoes and donates them to people around the world who need shoes. I really like seeing companies that keep the big picture of our life and world in mind. So don’t throw your Crocs away when they’re worn out, find a participating retailer near you with a recycle center for Crocs!

You know what else? Crocs has a blog! It’s full of stories about people and their Crocs, how, where and why the wear them. I really like this post from Denise of the best selling book Eat, Pray Love. She talks about her kids and Crocs. It reminded me that Crocs have had a big impact on my kids’ lives as well.

So many reasons that I heart Crocs!


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6 responses to “Crocs Rock

  1. Oooh, love the brown and pink sandals. Maybe I’ll get those…

  2. CUTE!!! Your toes look purdy too. I am in dire need of a pedicure.

    This reminds me that I haven’t gotten mine yet and it’s been a while since I ordered them. 😦

    I need to Tweet that Crocs boy.


  3. I got a pair of Crocs last summer and enjoyed them.

    past tense.

    One day after work, I was going to go swimming with my family, so I brought my trunks and crocs to work to change into once I got there. When I got to the pool to put the Crocs on, they’d shrunk to such an uncomfortable level so that I can’t wear them now.

    I’d like to wear them, but I’m not spending another bit of cash for pool shoes.

  4. I am still a bit overwhelmed. I can’t decide. I like yours though! I would fall on my face in anything over a 1/2 inch heel.

  5. I have never seen the appeal of crocs, but the brown ones are adorable! I can’t wait for open-toe weather either! Summer dresses, pretty sandals displaying lovely pedicured toes. I live in Florida, and that time is nearly…now!

  6. Whoa, I can’t believe *those* are crocs! I’m sold! :O)

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