Come Party With Me

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

You know how someone says, “Hey, let’s do this really fun thing!” and you’re like, “Sure, that sounds great!” but truly you have no idea what you’ve just gotten yourself into? Yeah…this is kinda like that.

This all started with a simple little e-mail from my girl Alli and the next thing I know, I’m hosting local mom bloggers at my house next Monday and joining in on this virtual Ultimate Blog Party 2009. And like they say, the more the merrier! So, if you blog and if you’re a mom or I guess even a just a lady (sorry boys, this is girls swim only) won’t you join me and thousands of others while we party like only bloggers know how? Click here for everything you need to know about The Ultimate Blog Party 2009.

Come on, it’ll be fun and you’ll meet new bloggers and you could possibly even win some cool stuff. Nobody will barf on you, show up wearing the same dress or leave with your date because all this happens online! On your blog! And the blogs of other bloggers! There’s not even a cover charge, it’s simply BYOB (bring your own blog! – aren’t I the clever one?)

The Ultimate Blog Party 2009 runs from March 20 – 27. I can’t wait to see you there!



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3 responses to “Come Party With Me

  1. Woo Hoo!!!

    This party is going to ROCK!!!

  2. thebluestockingguide

    Yay!! I’ve already got my post up!

    2009 Party Post

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