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Life Lessons from Malia: Always get the postal insurance

glamour MaliaRemember the laptop bag saga? Remember how I sent back the first one to get a refund because I didn’t much care for it? Well, guess what? I never got the refund and here’s why:


That invoice/return slip was inside the box, not outside. The only way that invoice/return slip could have been “found loose” was for it to be taken out of the box and why would it be taken out of the box before it reached it destination? Thievery! Yes dear readers, apparently my rejected laptop bag was stolen in transit.

And how could this have turned out to have been merely a minor annoyance and not an expensive life lesson? Insurance! Delivery confirmation! Something other than:

Me to friendly neighborhood postal employee – “I need to send this as economically* as possible.”

It still cost me $10 to send the bag back but now I’m out $70 because I didn’t tack on a little extra to make sure I did, in fact, get that refund. The moral of this story, frugality has it’s place but not when trying to return an expensive item for a refund. Learn from my mistake, dear ones, and always spring for the postal insurance! I know I will next time.


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