Grilled Pimento Cheese Sandwich

PhotobucketI’ve been a little absent from Mouthwatering Mondays. Sorry. My cooking has been hit and miss lately and I’ve been relying on several old standbys. It’s challenging to cook for my family right now. JBelle is being a rather picky vegetarian and GMan is just being plain old picky. I like trying new things but there’s not much that has been acceptable to their palates. Today’s recipe is no exception which is why I made it just for myself!

The fabulous Rachel inspired me with her grilled cheese post today. In fact, I have put the ingredients for her sandwich on my grocery list because that is one good looking grilled cheese sandwich! Grilled cheese is my all time favorite kind of sandwich. Most of the time, around here, it’s just regular grilled cheese. But every now and then, I have ingredients on hand for something a little more special. I love using sourdough or rye or pumpernickel or a really hearty/nutty bread. I like using a variety of cheeses, my favorites being Munster, pepperjack and Havarti.

Today, I had at my disposal, sharp cheddar & monterey jack cheese. I also had some pimentos. So I whipped up a small batch of pimento cheese, spread it on my regular, 100% whole wheat sandwich bread and had a grilled pimento cheese sandwich for lunch! Delicious!

There’s really no hard and fast recipe for the pimento cheese. I just grated enough cheddar & monterey jack for one sandwich, added some mayo and pimentos to taste. I wanted my sandwich to have a bit of a kick to it so I added a few dashes of Texas Pete hot sauce and some fresh cracked pepper.

Just enough to make one sandwich

Just enough to make one sandwich

Pimento cheesy goodness!

Pimento cheesy goodness!

My mouth was certainly watering as I waited for it to cool down enough to inhale it in about 4 bites!



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9 responses to “Grilled Pimento Cheese Sandwich

  1. Diana



    Oh my holy hell woman! YUM!

  3. that looks awesome! I was just saying yesterday for a completely random reason that if I were a sandwich, I would be grilled cheese. I would like to be this grilled cheese I think…

  4. I don’t think I knew you could buy pimentos that didn’t reside in olives. Huh. And I cook – is it a southern thing?

    • Malia

      I don’t know if it’s a southern thing but yes, you can get just pimentos
      (outside of olives). I think in Kroger they are on actually on the canned
      veggie aisle, top shelf. I usually just a buy a small jar because I don’t
      use them very often and they go bad after awhile.

  5. Oh wow. Grilled Cheese Month is something I can really get behind. This looks awesome.

  6. Great idea, and looks so good!

  7. Never thought about grilling pimiento cheese. Will definitely have to give it a go!

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