Gimme gimme gimme – the MOTHER of All Giveaways

glamour MaliaWhen I was kid and Mother’s Day would come around, I remember wanting to get my Mom something. And I remember asking my Mom what she wanted for Mother’s Day and her birthday (which is like a week later) and she would say the quintessential Mom thing, “I don’t want you to get me anything. Just being with you is gift enough.” I always thought she was just letting me off the hook since she knew that I only had $0.18, a rock and some lint in my wallet.

But now I’m the mom and I’ve fielded this question from my own kids and my answer is the same. Not because I know they only have $0.18, a rock and some lint in their wallets but because there’s nothing they could give me that’s better that the gift of themselves.

Mothers Day 2009However…if someone else wanted to give me some fabulous gift, say a well-known website for moms like, oh, I don’t know…5 Minutes for Mom (you know how much I ❤ them right?) then I would be more than willing to accept a token of their appreciation, or rather their sponsor’s appreciation!

So to all you moms out there who don’t want their kids to fork over cash for a gift but who would like a new laptop or a new Coach purse or a Blu-Ray player or an Elliot Lucca Satchel or another laptop, then head on over to the 5 Minutes for Mom Mother’s Day Giveaway and start entering to win these and other fabulous prizes while there’s still time!!

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