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The Song in My Soul

glamour MaliaThis morning I’m in a bit of a rage. I’m profoundly disappointed and upset over…something…that suffice it to say has me feeling out of sorts. (Sorry, this just isn’t the time or place to discuss it.) I want scream and yell and stomp my foot and cry, “Foul!” My brain keeps re-hashing the situation, engaging in dialogue that will probably never come to fruition but that my mind, nonetheless, keeps rolling around in. It’s constant  turmoil and has me reacting with much anger and impatience as I go about my day.

But behind it all, there’s a refrain from a song that we sang in church yesterday that’s playing in a constant loop.

I know I am loved by the King and it makes my heart want to sing.

This is a phenomenon I’ve experienced hundreds, if not thousands of times in my life. In times of trouble and times of temptation, a song, usually one I’ve recently heard or sung, will come into my soul, nudging me towards peace and reconciliation and love. I have no control over which song gets played. It’s like my soul is an iPod Shuffle and the right one always plays next.

I admit sometimes it’s rather annoying. Sometimes it’s a song I don’t even like. Sometimes I actively choose to ignore what the song is saying to me.

But not today. Today, my heart needs to sing, not rage. So I’ll try to listen to it instead of the other stuff.


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