Messiest, Ugliest, Tastiest Cupcakes. Ever.

glamour MaliaDB’s favorite cake is a German Chocolate Cake. Just about every year since we’ve been married, with only a few exceptions, I’ve made him a cake for his birthday. It’s really a very tasty cake. I’m always pleased with the end results but it is kind of a pain to make. There are at least 10 steps in the cake part alone and then you have to make to frosting.

I asked DB a couple weeks ago if he wanted me to make him a cake again this year. I got a non-committal, if you want to kind of response. Then a day or so later, I happened to reading about a new cupcake place in Nashville and the thought occurred to me to make German Chocolate cupcakes for his birthday. So, I Googled it and read at least half dozen or so recipes. Most of them were just slight variations on the cake that I usually make but there was one that really stood out.

fearless-fridaysI wanted to try it but I was a bit afeared of venturing out with a new recipe like that. Then I remembered what Heather has been talking about at Home-Ec 101, being fearless in the kitchen. Determined to do this, I made my shopping list, headed to the store and proceeded to try this recipe. I’m going to skip ahead a bit and say, the cupcakes were amazing! So this post is a cross between Rachel’s Mouthwatering Mondays and Heather’s Fearless Fridays, which is why it’s appearing here on Wednesday!

Read the rest of my cupcake adventure, after the jump!

PhotobucketThe recipe I chose is Filled German Chocolate Cupcakes from RecipeZaar. I read through the recipe a few times and I read the comments left by people who had tried the recipe so I was prepared for the cake batter to be very thin. The recipe indicated that the cups should be filled 3/4 full and then 2 tablespoons of filling* added to them. Right away I could see that 3/4 was going to be too much, so I cut it back to ~2/3 full and I just did a dollop (I guess it measured out to a generous tablespoon) of filling.

I popped those pans into the oven, set my timer and started trying to do some clean-up in the kitchen. When the timer beeped, I eagerly opened the oven door only to be greeted with a colossal cupcake mess! The batter had overflowed onto the tops of the pans and then onto the bottom of the oven. Ugh. I was sure they were ruined. Plus, they still looked a bit moist on top so I was certain they had not baked all the way through.

I pulled them out, set them on racks to cool and tried to get up as much of the spilled batter from oven as possible before it hardened. As they cooled, the centers sank in, making little “wells” on each cupcake. Curious, I pried** one out and broke it open. It was completely baked all the way through and it smelled heavenly. So I ventured a bite and just about fainted from the sheer delcious-ness of it! They were NOT ruined! They were just UGLY!! I proceeded to remove the rest of the cupcakes, cleaned up the pans (which turned out to not be as hard difficult as I imagined) and set the second batch to baking.

Now, the recipe says to melt some chocolate pieces with some whipping cream and pour it over the cupcakes. I needed to transport these later that evening, so I didn’t want something that was going to be too messy. Instead, I took advantage of those little “wells” that I had formed in the center of the cupcake. I put a small dollop of the chocolate sauce into the well and then sprinkled leftover coconut and chopped pecans on top. The effect was quite mouthwatering!


*A note about the filling. The recipe says to toast the coconut & pecans before making the filling. Absolutely DO this!! It is SO delicious and worth the extra step.

**The recipe also says to grease and flour the cupcake pans. I chose to use cupcake liners and I’m VERY glad that I did because I’m not so sure they would have come out of the pans as easily had I not done that.


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9 responses to “Messiest, Ugliest, Tastiest Cupcakes. Ever.

  1. yum yum yum!
    My dad’s favorite cake is German Chocolate and this sounds positively SINFUL!

    nom nom nom!!! great pic honey!

  2. Drooling! I love German Chocolate Cake. My mother in law made me one for my birthday a few years in a row from scratch and YUM! And very few others in my family like coconut so I got most of it all to myself.

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  4. Not ugly. DELICIOUS. Not everything needs to be topped with 3 TBSP of frosting (blech). That looks like something I’d dig.

  5. Malia

    In defense of the ugliness, if you had seen them when they came out of the oven? You would have agreed! I didn’t get around to taking pictures (since I was trying to figure out if they could be salvaged, little did I know then!) until after I had completed them. I do admit that they turned out better looking after adding the chocolate & toppings.

  6. Wow, those look so good… as I am the only one to really dig Chocolate, I would have to eat them all myself. The picture did make me drool, I will admit that:)

  7. they dont look ugly…anything with chocolate in is NEVER ugly lol!

  8. Who care what it looks like? Chocolate, coconut, pecans, DROOL.

    I’ve had one of those Gigi’s cupcakes and it is good if you REALLY like icing. Like, four inches high icing. I about went into a sugar coma. I’d rather have something with a better cake-icing balance.

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