The Silly Kid Song That Reduces Me to Tears

pancakesWhy would a song about an inedible pancake make me cry?

It’s always breakfast for dinner Thursday nights at suppertime.
Orange juice, eggs & waffles served at five.
But once there was something I did not recognize.
It was harder than the table so I thought it was my plate.
I hit with a hammer and it didn’t even break.
It slipped upon some syrup and the butter ricocheted.
Then it rolled and it rolled and it rolled and it rolled, a disappointing pancake.

The song then goes on to describe how this inedible, disappointing pancake travels around the world becoming just the right item for people in need. A mitt for a catcher, a spare tire for bicyclist, a knee patch, a coaster, and so on.

The pancake made it’s way around the world, jumping in and helping where it could.

On the surface, it’s just a silly song about a world-traveling pancake. But when you look deeper, and really you should, it’s a song that describes so many of us, describes…me. I often feel like a disappointing pancake. I’m not what was expected. The role I was supposed to play is not the one I’ve found myself in. How do I reconcile this? Can I still be effective, useful, helpful?

The pancake disappointed me at breakfast, yes it’s true.
But there are many other things that this pancake can do.
I’d like to think the pancake is a bit like me and you.
We roll and we roll and we roll and we roll like a disappointing pancake.
We roll and we roll and we roll and we roll….not so disappointing pancake.

That last part always chokes me up. It’s all about perspective. The disappointing pancake found so many ways to redeem itself and so can I.


“The Disappointing Pancake” by Lisa Loeb from her album, Camp Lisa.

Written from the heart, not for personal gain.

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