Frozen in Time

Somewhere along the way he forgot to put it back on again. Maybe he was in a hurry one morning and even though the habit seemed so well ingrained, something slipped and it never made it onto his wrist. Maybe it was when he took it off to wash the dog, stuck it in his pocket, then in the dresser drawer as he undressed for his shower. But certainly it was not because of what it reminded him of. That’s why he wore it in the first place, right? To never forget? True, it had stopped working years before. Time, frozen at that exact moment. He had ceased to wear it as a timepiece, instead, it was a memorial. He didn’t need it and yet he did. And now as he held it in his hand, feeling the weight of it in his palm, he couldn’t help but wonder, was it time to let go? A glance at the clock on his bedside table was all the answer he needed.


I wrote this an entry to contest being held by The Novel Doctor. If you’re intrigued, there’s still a few hours left to enter the contest (by tonight, midnight, Mountain time). The instructions are to:

… write a scene in which a wristwatch plays a key role. That’s all I’m gonna give you. The rest is up to you. Write in any genre you want. Be funny or serious, scary or romantic. Whatever. You have up to 200 words to create the most compelling scene possible. I’m not looking for a fully-fleshed-out short story. Just a single scene. Write something that will make your reader (me) hungry for more.

I immediately had about three ideas when I read this. I chose the one that seemed to have the best hook for, possibly, wanting to know more. It’s maybe, now that I’ve written that part, I can form it into a short story. We shall see.


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4 responses to “Frozen in Time

  1. Ok…I DID stop what I was doing. And, daggum it, Malia…I DO wanna know more! I have so many questions, which to me, is a wonderful thing.

    I realized after the fact, I didn’t leave the reader wanting more…I was going to re-tweak, but haven’t been able to today. Ah, well, next time, right?

    🙂 GREAT job!! Glad you entered!!

  2. Love it Malia! I had hoped to enter something, but alas, ran out of time. (No pun intended.) (OK, pun slightly intended.)

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