Midpoint Check-In

Back in January, I talked about a choosing a word to be a theme for the year. The word is thrive.

Several weeks ago, I was anxiously awaiting June 1 so that I could write this midpoint check-in post and brag  (basically) about just how thriving this year has been. But June 1st came and to be quite honest, at that point I was having serious doubts regarding the word. If you had asked me June 1st if I was thriving I would have flat out said, “No.”

It’s funny, funny being ironic, how when you do something so bold as to proclaim, “I will thrive!”, Life hands you all sorts of situations and says, “There. Try thriving now.” And for awhile I thought I was. Some would like to interject with the oft used “pride goeth before the fall”. But that would be wrong because, as I’ve found, it’s all about perspective.

More naysayers would proclaim that perspective is  just a way of making excuses for something you can’t deny. In some situations that may be true, but for me, for us (DB and I) it really is all about perspective.

This year has brought about some of the most significant trials we have faced in our married, adulthood. Moving, having babies and buying a house (all things listed in the top ranks of life stressors) had nothing on what we’ve gone through in the last six months. Yet, when I look back over our life together and compare it with our life now it is quite obvious that had this happened at any other time, we may not have survived at all, let alone thrived.

And yes, yes I am (we are) thriving. Why? Because we’re pushing forward, trusting each other, trusting God. We’re not curled up in the fetal position, under the covers, not facing the world. This doesn’t mean I’m never anxious or scared. What it means is that I’m trying  not to let the anxiety and fear consume me. It means I’m taking stock of what is really important in life and knowing that no matter what happens, as long as I have my husband and children, we are just fine.

And we will continue to thrive.



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3 responses to “Midpoint Check-In

  1. I’m glad you are sorting through.

    You’ve mentioned some stressors – I haven’t asked. Not because I don’t care, because I don’t want to pry. But please know if you ever need to talk, vent, whatever, with someone outside your family or daily friends (someone a little more distant from the situation) I am always available to lend a cathartic ear (or slightly tipsy one if you prefer to do it over slushy drinks).

  2. I can definitely relate. The last 6-8 months have tried us terribly–and it really has nothing to do with Libbie being born!

    Like Michelle said, if you ever wanna get some coffee and talk, I’d love to.


  3. You are so right! Trials happen, but responding to them by pushing through rather than curling up is thriving. Just as a flower blooms amid the weeds… each petal is a sign that it is thriving.

    What’s that saying? Courage isn’t being fearless, it’s being afraid, but acting anyway… something like that… It’s in those moments that we know who we really are and what we are capable of dealing with.

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