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I Found My Thrill On Blueberry {Pie} Hill

PhotobucketI just had the most satisfying kitchen experience I’ve ever had. It was truly a thrill! I made a blueberry pie totally from scratch. I picked the blueberries (with a bit of help from the children.) I made the pie crust (not store bought!) I mixed up the blueberries with a few simple ingredients (not pie filling from a can!) And I baked a gorgeous, yummy, blueberry pie. (I feel a little bit like the Little Red Hen!) I got the best rush from this experience and it has me itching to do more!


I made the pie using a combination of two recipes. The pie crust recipe is from Heather at Home-Ec 101. I was delighted at how easy it really was! I don’t think I can ever justify buying pie crust from the store again. I used the 1/3 cup butter, 1/3 cup shortening version because I prefer a flaky crust. The only thing I’ll do differently next time will be to not roll the crust out as thin. It was just a tad too thin (in my opinion) in a few spots.

The filling I made using this recipe from Simply Recipes. I also did the recommended egg wash on the crust.

We just couldn't wait any  longer to dig in, that's why the filling is runny. It will thicken more as it cools down.

We just couldn't wait any longer to dig in, that's why the filling is runny. It will thicken more as it cools down.

I topped it with real, homemade whipped topping! (Ice cream would be good, too.) It was a truly tonguegasmic experience!


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Summer Magic

Each season contains it’s own special magic. The sights, sounds and smells that are unique and particular to the current season all wrap together in a kind of aura that hovers over space and time. Unfortunately, experiencing that magic is often impossible in the moment. You recognize it once the moment is gone, often even years later.

As a mother, I find myself wanting to create that magic for my children. I long for them to have lovely summer memories that they look back on with fondness. Often, I try too hard to accomplish that. I engineer events and schedule outings in hopes that they will make some lasting impression on my children’s brains that they reminisce about in years to come.

Silly me.

What their brains decide to hold on to and remember will have little, if nothing, to do with my orchestrations. I’m not going to give up on it though because even if they don’t remember, I will.


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