The Magic of Potluck

I grew up going to church potlucks where dish after dish after dish were lined up on long tables. The aroma was enticing and the waiting was excruciating. The funny thing about potlucks is that none of those dishes really go together. It’s a mish mash of dozens of different meals plus the obligatory bucket of fried chicken. You wouldn’t necessarily pair those recipes when making dinner for your family. But when you get your plate and make your way down the table, taking a dab of this and a dollop of that so that you can try as many of the dishes as you possibly can, that’s when the magic happens. You sit down with your heaping plate of potluck fare, dig in and find that while each dish has a uniqueness of it own, they all inexplicably go together to create a delicious, comforting and satisfying meal.

On a beautiful spring night, a little over two years ago, a group of women bloggers came together for food and fellowship. We all brought a dish or two to share, your typical potluck meal. And again, the magic happened. The dishes ranged in variety from ethnic to vegan to garden fresh to grandmother’s old recipe. I think the only thing missing was a bucket of fried chicken! As I sat back in my chair and relished in the food and laughter and conversation, it occurred to me that we had our own blogger potluck sitting around that table.

If you were to take the blogs of each of the women there that night and place them on a table, you wouldn’t necessarily think that they “went together”. The flavors and aromas, textures and tastes would not, to the unaware palette, seem appealing. The world would want to put labels on us and tell us that we could not get along because of our differences in political views, religious beliefs  and so forth. On the surface, we should have clashed and been unable to even get along.

But we didn’t, because we know the magic of potluck. We’re a sisterhood of bloggers who are as seemingly different as macaroni & cheese and molded jello salads and PB&J sandwiches cut in halves with the crusts removed and a bucket of fried chicken. You wouldn’t think to put us all together around a table and expect there to be laughter and joy and harmony but it happened.

You know you’re a sister when you can come together in a potluck of acceptance and friendship found in the most unlikeliest of all circumstances. Sisterhood is a delicious, satisfying and comforting meal, shared together.

This is my entry for the ‘I Blog With the Sisterhood’ Type-A Mom Conference contest, hosted by The Sister Project.


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12 responses to “The Magic of Potluck

  1. I LOVE this analogy! It’s perfect. great post Malia.

    (My post today mentions church pot luck dinners. Weird.)

  2. Tracy

    I’m laughing at the “obligatory bucket of fried chicken.” That is SO true… We must have been at the same potlucks. In a way, I guess we were.

  3. Great post! The mish-mash that somehow works is why I love blogs!

  4. Lovely writing. Lovely analogy. Lovely thoughts. Thank you, Malia. cued me in to this when she commented on my MargaritHer post:
    Thought of you today as I was squinting at a bumper sticker proclaiming the sentiment of your blog title. And, love that photo of the three of us Saturday night, via BlondeMomBlog. I giggle remembering the comment before it: Cheers!

  5. Malia, I just shared your post on I’d like to see our local bloggers collective become active in the free MLM Bloggers group so as to have a place to give one another support, brainstorm, brain pick, etc. Here’s the mention: Also now on Twitter: I’m one of four moderators for MLM.

  6. I’m definitely spicy chicken with blue cheese!

    Great post, Malia.

  7. Aww, I just read this now, but I really like it!

    • Malia

      Rachel, I’ve been meaning, actually, to e-mail the link to everyone I could remember who was there that night. It has, obviously, stayed with me in a very powerful way!

  8. Great post. It was indeed a special day. Thanks for sharing this post with your sisters! 🙂

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