Sisterhood and Recognition

My sister got married last week.  Way back in December after she became engaged, she asked me to be her matron-of-honor. I wonder if she knew I had to choke back tears when I answered yes? I didn’t choke back the tears Saturday night when the doors of the church auditorium opened and she headed down the aisle with our father on her arm. Even though I’d spent the better part of the day with her, watched her bridal transformation from first curl to final lipstick check, helped her down the steep stairway from the “ready” room to the lobby and handed her her bouquet, I couldn’t help but cry tears of unabashed joy at the site of her.

Not long before that moment, while we were laughing and primping and chatting with the other bridesmaids, she said I’d been the best matron-of-honor ever. I nearly cried then. I certainly hadn’t felt like the best matron-of-honor ever. I had fretted over whether or not I was doing right by her. I wanted her to feel special and loved and like the center of attention but I’m inherently selfish and feared that maybe I had done too much spotlight stealing. I was humbled by her statement and relieved and grateful. As long as she was pleased, then I was pleased.


God made us sisters, hearts made us friends.

Sisterhood is a special thing. I’m so blessed to have my sister in my life.

I’m also blessed by the online sisterhood that I share with so many of you. A couple of weeks ago, I shared my heart with you about The Magic of Potluck. The post was inspired by a writing contest, with a prize that I dearly hoped for. But the heart and soul behind my words was real and unprompted. I think, in some ways, I’d been carrying that post around with me for a long time, it just needed the right reason to be written.

Much to my utter delight, the judges of the contest liked it! I was awarded a runner-up scholorship to the Type-A Mom Conference in Asheville, NC next month! The funny thing is, as much as I wanted the offered prizes, that wasn’t what thrilled me when I saw the e-mail that my submission had been selected. Instead, it was that “you really like me!” kind of delight. I’ll be honest, it’s one thing when y’all tell me that you like what I write. I truly do appreciate it, it warms my heart, it inspires me to keep writing, it helps me know I’m not writing in a vaccuum. But it’s something else entirely to have your work judged and then awarded. Wow. Especially knowing who else entered. I’m humbled and amazed and honored and thankful.


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10 responses to “Sisterhood and Recognition

  1. Mom

    Oh my! Congratulations!

  2. Congrats to your sister on her marriage and to you for being so awesome and winning that prize! So proud of you!

  3. Kristen Brown

    How funny that you would add this at the end of your entry, because as I was reading the beginning I was thinking to myself, “Wow, she really is a good writer.” I’ve always thought you expressed things in writing very well and I love how your witty side comes out that way too.

  4. I knew it!! I LOVED that post!! Congratulations!!!

  5. Of COURSE we loved it. How could we not? I’m so glad to meet you next month! Congratulations again!

  6. Kat

    Congrats to you! You SO deserve it. Man – you and your sister are both gorgeous!!!

  7. Alice

    You definitely deserve it! You’re a natural.

  8. Congratulations to you, Malia! And to your sister on her wedding. I can’t wait to meet you in Asheville. See ya next month!

  9. Ive followed you on twitter for a while (Im a friend of michellesmiles) and had no idea you blogged as well.
    and for eons.

    Where have *I* been?! 🙂
    off to explore…

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