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Staring at the blank, “new post” screen on WordPress trying to figure out what to write. I tried…really. The walls are high and suffocating today. And I am weary. Anybody want to march around me seven times?


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I’m going to cut to chase and to come right out with it; it’s depression.

That’s why I’m not writing.

For some, depression opens the floodgates of writing. For me it dams up everything and tortures my brain instead. I already have a fairly significant filter while writing when I’m not dealing with this affliction, so when it hits…the wall is nearly impenetrable.

The most insidious of the effects is the blow to my confidence. There are huge letters written on that wall: NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY!!!!

That is the honest truth of it. And the lack of confidence affects everything in my life. My parenting skills. My marriage skills. My job skills. My friendship skills.

Everything is lacking.

See, I don’t want to be unhappy here in this space of mine. I don’t want to bring anybody down anymore that I already feel that I do in my day to day life. Therefore, I can’t write. I can’t tell you what rattles around in my brain even if you really do want to hear about it. It’s frightening to think of putting it out there.

I am not who I want to be right now.


I owe One2One Network a couple of reviews for albums that they sent me. I’m fairly certain that I’m late in these reviews and for that I apologize. The next two posts will be review posts and after that….we’ll see.


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Frozen in Time

Somewhere along the way he forgot to put it back on again. Maybe he was in a hurry one morning and even though the habit seemed so well ingrained, something slipped and it never made it onto his wrist. Maybe it was when he took it off to wash the dog, stuck it in his pocket, then in the dresser drawer as he undressed for his shower. But certainly it was not because of what it reminded him of. That’s why he wore it in the first place, right? To never forget? True, it had stopped working years before. Time, frozen at that exact moment. He had ceased to wear it as a timepiece, instead, it was a memorial. He didn’t need it and yet he did. And now as he held it in his hand, feeling the weight of it in his palm, he couldn’t help but wonder, was it time to let go? A glance at the clock on his bedside table was all the answer he needed.


I wrote this an entry to contest being held by The Novel Doctor. If you’re intrigued, there’s still a few hours left to enter the contest (by tonight, midnight, Mountain time). The instructions are to:

… write a scene in which a wristwatch plays a key role. That’s all I’m gonna give you. The rest is up to you. Write in any genre you want. Be funny or serious, scary or romantic. Whatever. You have up to 200 words to create the most compelling scene possible. I’m not looking for a fully-fleshed-out short story. Just a single scene. Write something that will make your reader (me) hungry for more.

I immediately had about three ideas when I read this. I chose the one that seemed to have the best hook for, possibly, wanting to know more. It’s maybe, now that I’ve written that part, I can form it into a short story. We shall see.


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Diane Birch – Bible Belt

Edited: I was having some difficulty with the widget yesterday and didn’t realize this had posted without any content! Oops!

glamour MaliaI have two reasons for posting this.

1. I really, really, really, really, really, like this music. Really. I’m not exactly the most fluent music critic (obviously), I just know what I like. I can’t exactly describe to you what I like about this music and this artist, I just feel it in me. I feel good listening to her music. I get her songs stuck in my head and instead of it being annoying, it’s satisfying. I relate to her lyrics. I enjoy the mixture of styles she employs to create her own unique sound. It’s good music, plain and simple.

2. It’s for a good cause. If you like this music too and are compelled to add it to your collection, would you please consider clicking on that widget up there and buying it through that service? For every album purchased through one of those widgets, $1 will be donated to charity. As you can see, I picked the March of Dimes. You can purchase through either iTunes or Amazon.

To find out more about Diane and her debut album, go here.

Many thanks to good folks at One2One Network for the opportunity to share this with you!

disclaimer: A gratis copy of the album was provided to me. My review of it is from the heart, as is my participation in fundraising efforts.

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Channeling Donald Rumsfeld

rumsfelddeskI’ve been displaced from my desk. The desk holds our desktop PC but I was also keeping my laptop on it. But now, DB must use the PC to do his work and we both can’t sit at the desk. At first I just sat at the dining room table and occassionally took  my laptop into the living room. But those were just temporary spaces. Then one day I sat the laptop down on the buffet in the dining room and it occurred to me that that would be a great space for me to work. The buffet’s height is at my waist, so using a chair is out. Then I remembered reading about how Donald Rumsfeld used a standing desk to do his work. And well, if he can do it, then so can I!


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The Great Laptop Bag Hunt of ’09

glamour MaliaSo, I got a laptop for Christmas and almost immediately I started looking for laptop bags so that I could cart it around town (because I’m just so cosmopolitan that you’ll often find me perched in trendy coffee shops sipping a latte while I stare intently into my computer screen…or not).

It was a great quest. It needed to be terribly functional, it needed to fit my particular laptop, it needed space for other stuff and it needed to be cute. (That was actually the first priority.)

I found several cute ones and agonized (sadly, yes that’s a true statement) over which one to pick. I finally settled on this one:


I was so enamored with it on the Internet but now that it’s in my possession….it reminds me of the diaper bag I had when JBelle was a baby. (And honestly, I didn’t very much care for that bag.)

I’m trying to be enamored with it in person. I’ve shown it to people and been all, “isn’t it great?” And really, it is. It’s a well made bag. I fits all the requirements I had except possibly the cute one. It looked so cute in the picture but in my hands?

I feel I should be stuffing diapers, wipes & bottles in there.


On one hand, I feel as though I should keep the bag and get over my whiny self, on the other hand…why keep it if it’s really not what I thought it was going to be?


I wrote the above part of this post about 5 days ago and upon completing it (but not publishing it), I had made my decision. The laptop bag had to go back. Unfortunately that meant shopping for another one. Since I really wanted to have one for the conference next week, I didn’t want to chance trying to order one online again. That meant I had to go to an actual store. (shudders)

Y’all, I’m not a shopper. I’m severely decision challenged. Choices overwhelm me. Plus, I was on a budget. I wasn’t going to spend more than I paid for the first bag.

Yadda yadda yadda, long story longer…cute laptop bags in the mall aren’t cheap, even on sale. I look at largish handbags…still not seeing anything that fits my criteria. In Macys I find a Fossil purse that it just so cute! But…not big enough for the laptop. I eventually find myself in Dillards wandering through more expensive bags when I spot the same Fossil bags I’d seen at Macys. But these are marked 50% off and on the very top shelf is a bag that is big enough for my laptop! Now, it’s not technically a laptop bag, so I know I’m going to have to find something to add protection and cushion but it’s supah cute and $10 less than what I paid for the first bag. And then…when it rings up at the checkout counter? Another 30% off!! Fossil, FTW!

With the additional savings, I purchased a “laptop sleeve” at Target that will add support and cushioning (plus the color coordinates with the pattern!)

fossil purse posing as a lappy bag

supah cute "laptop" bag

laptop sleeve is aubergine

laptop sleeve is aubergine

And there you have it. The Great Laptop Bag Hunt of ’09 has come to an end. I faced my indecisiveness head-on and prevailed! I think I’m well on my way to year of thriving!


Disclaimer: I don’t expect any sympathy over this faux-tragedy. Believe me, I know that in the grand scheme of things, this is so low on the list of ills and discomforts that it’s not even laughable it’s really rather pathetic.


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Note to Self

glamour MaliaUnless you can figure out how to play Wii bowling left handed, you are hearby banned from the activity until you can have shoulder replacement surgery.

Wait. Is there such a thing as shoulder replacement surgery?

Guess I’d better get crackin’ on that left handed thing…


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Happy Turkey Day!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Happy Turkey Day!“, posted with vodpod

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Because there’s a High School Musical in all of us

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Smitten: from the rules were meant to be broken files

blissfulchicks_cropSo yeah, I showed a bit of “righteous indignation” last week with the whole “no Christmas anything before Thanksgiving” rhetoric. Well, as they say, pride goeth before the fall.

Among my inane holiday rules is the denial of holiday type treats until after Thanksgiving. That means no Peppermint Mochas from Starbucks, no Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer for my coffee, no red and green M&Ms, no Christmas treats of any kind until, all together now, after Thanksgiving. Well…

We, meaning me and GMan, needed a “get out of the house” distraction today. He suggested Chick-fil-a, I said fine, let’s go! And off we went on our merry way. We got lunch, we ate, he played, I eyed the dessert menu and wouldn’t you know…they were offering a holiday milkshake. A Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake. And I, well, I caved. It was irresistible. I mean look at it!


It’s pink! And pepperminty! And it has chocolate in it! Don’t forget the whipped cream with cherry on top!

And I’m…smitten. Thanksgiving, schmanksgiving, after all, rules were meant to be broken, right? I’ll be finding an excuse to get my hands on one of these beauties as often as possible because in a mere 43 days, they’ll be gone.


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