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The Family Zone

The CMA Music Festival aka “Fan Fair” is going on right now here in beautiful Nashville. As a general rule, we locals know to avoid downtown like the plague as it is overrun with country music fans from all over the world. However…I heard about something called “Family Zone” that was free to anyone and everyone and I decided to take the kids there as one of our “summer distractions”. I thought I was certainly deranged for even thinking about doing it but I decided to give it a go anyway.

Much to my surprise it was not at all horrible or frustrating to be downtown in the thick of all things “Fan Fair”. We found parking in a garage for $10 (which was $5 less than I was expecting to pay). The “Family Zone” was located in a park directly above the garage we parked in, so we had a very short walk. The area was clean and set-up very well. It wasn’t too big and you could see, with a few exceptions, the whole area of the event from any vantage point (which is crucial when trying to keep up with children!) They had inflatables that the kids could play on and they were staffed by teenagers who did a good job keeping the numbers under control. There were several tented areas, including the “Main Stage” where you could get out of the sun.

JBelle visited the Girl Scout tent twice and learned how to do two different knots. The GMan was all about jumping in the bouncy castle! We watched a family group called Kid Fiddlers aka The Jackson Family Band perform on the “Main Stage”. They were good and very entertaining. JBelle was very impressed with their musical skills, especially with the seven-year-old girl who had quite a command of the fiddle! (She kept saying, “She doesn’t even use a colored finger board!” JBelle has a cousin, her same age, who is taking violin lessons and currently uses a colored finger board for learning purposes.) The “Wolf” from television’s American Gladiators read a story, about a sheep, and the kids got free copies of the book he read. Wolf even signed JBelle’s copy. McDonald’s was handing out free apple slices with caramel dip and cookies which made a nice snack and Dr. Pepper was handing out samples of well, Dr. Pepper (Diet, too). Ronald McDonald did a magic show and 10-year-old “singing sensation”, Katie Chance, performed a few songs.

Near the end of our time there, a guy showed up with a funny balloon hat and started making balloon creations for the kids.

I only had my phone with me so this was the only picture I could get. I wish you could see the “balloon man’s” hat. It’s a guy playing the banjo! (I wish we could see less of the woman behind GMan!) The GMan is holding a tiger hat and JBelle has a dalmation (she didn’t want a hat).

We had a fun time and I was very pleased with the event. Kudos to CMA Music Fest! It’s open all weekend, go check it out! For more info on the Family Zone, go here.


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