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Everything* I Know About Baseball I Learned From My Mother

The quintessential adage about how life was so much harder for parents than their children is the “walking to school, up hill, both ways, in the snow (with numerous variations and additions) story”. But when I was a child, what impressed me more that any tales of having to walk anywhere was when I found out that my mom’s family didn’t have a television! What? No TV? I was flabbergasted. How did one survive without television?

My mom always had a way of surprising me with information about her life. Take for instance the time she let it slip that she not only did she know it was World Series season but she knew which teams were playing and who was leading in wins! Now, sports and my mother are about as foreign to each other as Donald Trump and a good haircut, so this revelation came as complete shock to me! Why would she know this?

It kind of went back to the TV thing. As I remember it, they did get to watch television, they just had walk (shocker!) to a neighbor’s house to do so. Most specifically, they would go to watch the World Series. She explained that ever since then she, out of habit, followed the World Series.

And pretty much ever since I learned that about her, I do to. I don’t care a lick about baseball any other time of year. But when the World Series begins, I may or may not watch the games, but I always know who is playing and what the win count is. (Phillies – 1, Rays – 1)

I wonder what things about my childhood would seem hard to my children? Is there anything about my life that they would find surprising?

*OK, may not everything but she did get the “ball” rolling!


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