About DB

180px-opus_blue.jpgI am a small puffin who enjoys long walks on the beach, preferably a hawaiian beach.  I am a devout holastafarian.  I enjoy tossing maple seeds in the air and watching them spiral to the ground, and I choose whatever political position suits me best at the moment, usually eco-social-christian-democratic-libertarianism.  Thanks for stopping by, I am sure it is all because of me.  oh, and I am never sarcastic.  I changed to DB sometime in the spring of 2007.

11 responses to “About DB

  1. Your daughter likes it.

  2. nice bio….can we just make one up since you didn’t…

    David is a 30-somthing man who likes country music and dancing in the rain…..

  3. The youngest of 4, David was raised a loner and a gypsy. He like long walks on the beach, and can often be found mumbling affirmations to himself such as, “definitely. definitely an excellent driver.” He tends to look at his feet alot when he does this. David has a unique odor which has earned him the Indian name: Smells Like Chicken, and has also served as an effective homing device for the FBI during the great poultry-raid of 2002.

  4. yeah, yeah….definitely real slow on the driveway.

    Ellyn: 40-something, chain-smoking mother of six by eight different men….don’t ask. Enjoys oysters on the half shell with tabasco and lying in mud puddles. Can burp the star-spangled banner….in one burp. Often found chasing squirrels in the park when not at her pharmacy job where she ensures the coating is dry by sticking the pills of anti-hairball cat medicine on her tongue and checking to see if it turns blue….not her tongue, the pill.

    Malia never gave me the chance to put up a profile….she just turn us live without even telling me *sniffle* she is so mean sometimes you almost might call her malicious.

  5. this is so funny. you are definitely related to my husband! lol

  6. Malia

    Aren’t you gonna change your picture, too?

  7. Pop

    I didn’t think that you liked coffee!

    The maple seed thing you probably got from me.

  8. Oh, I don’t like coffee, it’s just my job. Would you drink coffee after associating monkey poo with coffee? Those smells are intertwined in my mind and will never separate. It’s tragedy too, monkey poo smells so good by itself.

  9. If you are destroying Forest Hills, can you destroy Oak Hill too? That would be great. Thanks.

    Yes, the government. Not the people. Thanks again.

  10. I think if one dies, they all die….the governments, not the people. To arms Pirate Monks.

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