About Malia

Malia pictureWhat I really need you to know about me is that I have a self-diagnosed split personality disorder. I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Virginia Tech so of course I know what I’m talking about! (that’s sarcasm folks) But this split personality disorder is different from what we studied in Abnormal Psychology. I also call it: Decision-Challenged, Fence Straddling Syndrome, and John Kerry disease (or FFC – Flip-Flop Condition). I’m not a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde (though during those rough PMS times DB may strongly disagree with that!). No, it’s more like I can see both sides of just about every situation. Whether it be about politics or religion, finances or communication, books or movies, I waffle, change my mind, say yes, but no. And I can drive myself certifiably insane by merely trying to make a decision about dinner, or shoes, or what kind of oatmeal to buy.

For me life is constantly lived by thinking, “on the other hand…” So, you may find me writing about this oddity in my life from time to time…or maybe not!

(revised on July 14, 2007)

7 responses to “About Malia

  1. Dad

    Wow! This is neat and so bright! I always thought that “musings” was a bit too PINK! This is much better.
    My heart has just been a rock since I learned of the shooting at VATECH. I’ve kept up with your writing and while I don’t have the “proximity” to VT that you both have, I’ve always been a fan and have sort of adopted VT as my “school of choice”.
    It is important to continue to realize–in spite of all that has happened–that our GOD is a Loving and Just GOD and he will purely judge both the righteous and the unrighteous. This points out the seriousness of being ready and prepared to meet him at any time. Only in Jesus can this kind of sorrow be mediated with Joy. If I lost either of you, it would be crushing, but knowing that you were faithful to him all the days of your life, would give me the hope and Joy of anticipated reunion in his presence. That would bring me through.
    Give Sweet Pea and Boo a kiss from me.

  2. ummm…their totally now referred to as JBelle & GMan…

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  6. For me, it’s called: Gemini. And I rather like being able to see both sides to issues and thangs and people and stuff. But then, it does make for some quagmire and internal conflict. But I rather treasure it.

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