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This post is by David. (Technically written by Malia.) Trying to see how the “authorship” is going to work.

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So, I used to blog at Blogger. Well technically, I still do, as of this writing. And I really have had no major complaints about Blogger. This sort of seems like an effort to keep up with the cool kids since so many of my blogger pals have left Blogger like a bad habit and set up shop here, at WordPress.

But really, what brought about the change was the desire to have a blog co-authored by my husband, David. We wanted to blog like this couple, but we couldn’t figure out how to make it work and I assumed (I know, I know) that if I contacted their blog designer that would mean paying a fee and we just didn’t want to go there. And so we thought a blog with shared access would be just peachy until the time comes when we can do something more like the Moore’s. And since I was going to be setting up a completely different blog, I thought, “Why not give this WordPress thing a shot?”.

And so, here we are. Malia and David blogging together. Ain’t it too cute for words?

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On this blog I will occassionally write regarding matters of marriage. There are a few things you as the reader should know.

1. I am not a licensed therapist. While I do hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Virginia Tech, I have no formal training in marriage therapy. I hope to one day continue my education in the field of marriage therapy but for now, I’m just writing about marriage matters. Which leads me to number…

2. Everything I write is from my perspective and my experience. I won’t tell anybody how they should “do” marriage, I will only relate what I have learned and experienced in my own marriage. Which brings us to the next point…

3. When I write about marriage I am writing from the perspective of traditional, Christian, covenant marriage. I understand and accept the presence other types of marriage, i.e. gay marriage, domestic partnerships, polygamy, common law marriage, etc. I have no experience in those types of arrangements and can not speak about them. And finally…

4. My official stance on marriage as a political subject is that marriage, any marriage, should not be legislated by government. And that’s all I have to say about that.


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