Daily Archives: July 19, 2007

Splitting Predators Season Tickets

180px-opus_blue.jpg  I am interested in splitting Predators season tickets with folks.  Depending on how many people we get, I am interested in 2 or 4 tickets in the lower sideline balcony.  See this link for details.  Cost and number of games you would attend would depend on how many people we get involved.  My intention is to split this 4 or 5 ways for 2 tickets or 8 or more ways for 4 tickets.  The goal would be to limit the cost to no more than $600 per involved party who would then have access to 2 tickets each to 8-12 games.  If we end up with 4 tickets, we can be even more flexible with arrangements.  Other details to be worked out with involved parties.


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