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For my love on our 12th

180px-opus_blue.jpg  You know those days in October when the sky is the deepest blue you have ever seen with the piercing yellow sun high in the sky illuminating the brightest orange, purple, yellow and red leaves you have ever seen on a tree.  It’s warm but not humid with a slight breeze turning those colored leaves loose from their branches one by one to slip to the ground.  It’s a day that reminds you of the warmth of summer but is mere weeks before the gray blah of winter sets in.  It’s a day you want to breathe in deeply and hold until your face turns blue so it will never go away.  It’s a day you just want to sit in forever with good friends and talk about nothing in particular while the kids play in the yard while peace and goodness wash over your soul like a wave.  There is nothing better than this day.  It’s a day that sustains you through the cold, dark days of winter, carries you through the pollen-infested, bunny-choked days of spring and you long for it in the sweaty, sunburnt days of summer.  It is the day you cherish above all others because it is where your soul and heart live and you just hope to live to see another one.  This day.  This day you are to me.


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